-Hyper Tax Efficient -

Pass-Through Business Entity Structure 

for Bitcoin Investors

with $5M or more

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  1. Business Risk Exposure

    Business Entity Structures provide protection from creditors within the United States.
  2. Business Entity Structures

    Providing tax deferred profit accumulation from a PASS THROUGH entity and nearly 100% tax avoidance upon distributions
  3. U.S. Tax Compliant Strategies

    Business Entity Structure provides a HYPER TAX EFFICIENT, UNLIMITED retirement savings vehicles for U.S. individual taxpayers
  4. Transactional Support

    We offer clients the global tax technical expertise to support The Business Entity Structure including all U.S. tax reporting requirements.

Hyper Tax Efficient
Business Entity Structure from a PASS THROUGH entity:

Discuss the U.S. tax planning opportunity in more detail.
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Heading 2

  1. This is Genius!
    If you're a Bitcoin Trader, this is a great way to minimize tax on Bitcoin trades. - Bitcoin Trader
  2. You Guys are the Best thing I've heard about all year.
    - Bitcoin Investor

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